Introducing Our Petite Portfolio Tasting(s)!

Introducing Our Petite Portfolio Tasting(s)!
Get a preview of the producers attending each event in Cincinnati and Indianapolis, along with our selection of the “can’t miss” wines, spirits, and sakes at every table. 

Please join us for one (or two!) of a series of intimate tastings that we’re hosting on the East Coast and in the Midwest, from March 27th – 30th. Our growers are coming from all over the world for our big tasting of the spring in NYC on Monday, March 27th. Then, on the 28th, 29th, and 30th, that group will break off and visit our regional markets in Upstate NY, NJ, CT, PA, OH, and IN.

We’ve curated a special group of winemakers, distillers, and suppliers for the spring Petite Portfolio Tasting that you can taste with at your own pace and find some new wines and spirits for your shelves and wine lists this season!

To RSVP to any and all of these amazing events, head to our trade resources page and log in with your trade account (or create a new account in the same place – it’s super easy!), OR reach out to your local Skurnik Rep. Trade only!



Please join us in Cincinnati on March 29th and in Indianapolis on March 30th for two intimate tastings with twenty-one producers and additional selections from the Skurnik portfolio. Don’t be mistaken, this is the big event of spring; it just happens to be smaller than our Grand Portfolio Tasting. A “PPT” in lieu of a “GPT,” if you will.

This year we’re bringing the spring tasting to you, so you have a chance to get to know the people behind the bottles on home turf. We’ve curated a special group of winemakers and suppliers for the spring Indianapolis Petite Portfolio Tasting that you can taste with at your own pace.


And prepare for next week by learning how to use our Digital Tasting Book in < 90 seconds!

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