Planet Oregon

Established in 2009, Planet Oregon was founded with a goal to make delicious, environmentally responsible wine at an accessible price. In short, a wine you can enjoy on a Tuesday and feel great about. For Planet Oregon, winemakers James Cahill and Tony Soter make Pinot Noir for the people with respect to the planet. They continually seek to produce and bottle delicious young Pinot Noir that is consistently fresh, silky and suggestive of Oregon summer cherries and berries. Pinot of this quality will never be cheap but the value should be as obvious as the exuberant aromas and flavors.

“Planet Oregon is not really a place but a state. Named after a state, Planet Oregon is really more a state of mind. You know like a worldview, frame of mind, attitude, approach, way of thinking, mindset and/or outlook. It’s the way we look at our world, our planet. We want what we do in this world and on this planet to matter. We want our actions to be healthy and not harmful, for ourselves, other people, other creatures, and, of course, the planet. We want our work to be delicious, fun loving, regenerative, worth doing, worth sharing, worth sustaining.” – Tony Soter