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Germany’s Nahe: A Geologist’s Paradise

Germany's Nahe: Geologist’s Paradise   2

HISTORY & EXPOSITION The Nahe is one of the smallest and the most geologically diverse regions in Germany. First legally recognized in 1971, this area is named for the Nahe River and is home to some of the finest vineyards and wineries in Germany. The Nahe River flows through the Hunsrück hills which separate the Nahe … Read More

The 2019 Germany Vintage Report

The 2019 Germany Vintage Report

2019 is an exceptional vintage in Germany. It’s a vintage that has both excellent ripeness and bright, crisp acidity. It was not the easiest vintage on our grower’s nerves; the weather patterns were more extreme than previous years and varied from region to region and even village to village. The harvest required quick decision making … Read More

von Winning’s 2018 GGs: Best Collection Yet

von Winning’s 2018 GGs: Best Collection Yet 22

In early March we tasted at von Winning in Deideshiem (Pfalz) with Director Stephan Attman and Deputy Winemaker Andreas Huetwohl. It was marathon tasting of over 50 wines from the current collection, the highlight of which were the 2018 Grosse Gewächse or GGs. These are some of the finest wines we’ve tasted from this domaine and … Read More