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Thanksgiving Mis en Place: Our Picks from Germany, Austria, & Champagne

Thanksgiving Mis en Place 12

  The major holidays that make a meal the centerpiece and reason for celebration are our favorites. While this years’ holidays are likely going to look different at all of our houses next week, there will always be wine. Thanksgiving, with its warm, roasted flavors, heavy with plenty of cream and richness of all kinds, … Read More

Pink Perennials: 6 Rosés to Drink Now & Into the Fall

Summer Ain't Over Yet! 6 Transitional Rosés from Around the World 2

‘Rosé Season’ is a quintessential occasion to celebrate sunny, summer days, and the opportunities they bring to share a bottle (or more) of this fresh favorite with our friends and loved ones. As we’re now amid some of the hottest days of the year, we’re really savoring pink potables of all styles, from bright and … Read More

The Last Five Meters: Kruger-Rumpf Comes Into Their Own


Weingut Kruger-Rumpf is just south of Rüdesheim, across the Rhein, about 40 minutes from Frankfurt airport. It’s often one of the first stops we make driving west on the A60, ripping along in whatever stick-shift German car the poor fools at the rental desk have trusted us with. The village is Münster-Sarsheim, the northernmost village … Read More

Dönnhoff’s 2019 Collection: Tireless Work, Incredible Results

Dönnhoff’s 2019 Collection: Tireless Work, Incredible Results 5

Tasting at Dönnhoff in Oberhäusen is always a high-water mark for the vintage. We were able to taste with Cornelius Dönnhoff earlier this year and while 2019 was not an easy harvest to bring in, the hard work in the vineyards produced an outstanding collection. The sorting during this vintage was paramount and the work … Read More