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Georg Breuer: New Cellar, New Vineyards for Rheingau Superstar


“I wish to produce wines that make the specific characteristics of their origin visible” – Bernhard Breuer Weingut Georg Breuer looks back on 130 years of history, beginning in 1880 when it was founded by the Hillebrand and Scholl families. Peter Breuer purchased the property in the early 20th century, passing it to his son

Fio: Everyday Avant-Garde

Fio: Everyday Avant-Garde

The name “Fio” means “thread” in Portuguese. This estate is a joint venture connecting two families: the Kettern family, who have been making wine in the Mosel for several hundred years, and the Niepoort family, led by Dirk Niepoort. The Niepoort name is famous in Portugal and now across the world for Dirk’s pioneering work

The 2020 Germany Vintage Report

The 2020 Germany Vintage Report 20

Above: Harvest at Schloss Lieser. After spending the better part of January interviewing growers from all over Germany and Austria, we have a good feeling for the growing conditions of the vintage and what this points to in terms of the general character of the wines. Of course, without traveling, we have tasted precious few

7 Things We Would Have Loved to Pour for You At Our 2021 GPT

9 Things We Would Have Loved to Pour for You At Our 2021 GPT 9

Think of this as our monthly answer to, ’so what have you been into lately?’ — fresh updates from Portfolio Managers with unfiltered intel on why we’re drinking what we are. Last year we kicked off the new decade with our 2020 Grand Portfolio Tastings, an inimitable series of events that we host, in any

Scheu to the World!

Scheu to the World! 10

WHAT’S SCHEUREBE, YOU ASK? Scheurebe (Sh-oy-Rey-Buh) is an oft-misunderstood and wonderful grape variety. A cross of Riesling and Bukettraube (Silvaner x Trollinger), Scheurebe is highly aromatic with bracing, Riesling-like acidity. In the right hands, it can produce wines in a full spectrum of styles, from dry to sweet, expressing soil and place clearly. It’s also

Foundations of Flavor: On Acid with Johannes Selbach

Foundations of Flavor: On Acid with Johannes Selbach 10

A NOTE ON ACID Acidity is one of the most important components in wine, white or red, providing structure and balance; it is one of the foundations of flavor. In the picturesque village of Zeltingen, the Selbach family produces a wide array of excellent Rieslings, a grape variety long associated with electric, high-acid wines. Recently,

Thanksgiving Mis en Place: Our Picks from Germany, Austria, & Champagne

Thanksgiving Mis en Place 12

  The major holidays that make a meal the centerpiece and reason for celebration are our favorites. While this years’ holidays are likely going to look different at all of our houses next week, there will always be wine. Thanksgiving, with its warm, roasted flavors, heavy with plenty of cream and richness of all kinds,