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Bubbles & Booze: A New Year’s Cocktail Primer

Bubbles & Booze: A New Year's Cocktail Primer 5

New Year’s Eve parties are an eternal puzzle, full of charming potential and celebratory whimsy, but also rife with the worst pitfalls of any deeply anticipated celebration – times, like, a million.  Every year it seems that for each successful kiss at the stroke of midnight (cue fireworks!), there are at least two or three … Read More

Don’t Call It a Cognac: Brandy’s Been Here for Years

Don’t Call It a Cognac: Brandy’s Been Here for Years 3

In May of 2016, Punch magazine published an article by Robert Simonson in which he documented his search for the ultimate sleeper of classic cocktails, the Sidecar—a deceivingly simple brandy daisy from the early 1900’s. He posited a number of reasons for the drink’s inability to reach the heights of popularity enjoyed by other classics … Read More

Nog, Punch & Glögg: Helpful Holiday Tipples

Nog, Punch & Glögg: Helpful Holiday Tipples 2

‘Tis the season for entertaining! Holiday parties, soirees with friends, family traditions; essentially any excuse to get together out of the cold and warm up with drinks and celebration. All these parties and events — while fun – do have their own unique stress: what should a guest bring or a host serve? At Skurnik, … Read More

Boilermakers: Part II

Boilermakers: Part II 3

Fall is officially almost over; we’re heading into winter. Hopefully you found time to drive north and peep the foliage, but as the leaves begin to drop and cold rolls in, the chill seems to demand a stiff drink. While there are plenty of cocktails to enjoy as the weather cools, something about this time … Read More