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A New Kind of Bottle Service


We looked up “bottle service” and found disdain, bafflement, nostalgia, pro tips, and pure hedonism, but there are two things everyone agrees on: expense and excess. Urban dictionary defines bottle service as… However, new can be relative. We are certainly more familiar with the vision of bottle service elicited from the 1980s and 90s, when … Read More

Gins Aplenty at Skurnik Wines!

Gins Aplenty at Skurnik Wines!

While there is never a wrong time to enjoy gin – that bright, refreshingly piney, clear spirit – we do think that spring and summer are an especially right time to enjoy this long-lived and historically exciting spirit.  Rife with stories from the terrible 18th-century gin craze called “the mother’s ruin” and followed by the … Read More

What It’s Not: An Exercise in Blind Tasting

What It's Not: An Exercise in Blind Tasting 3

In this classroom-style seminar our Skurnik Spirits team shared best practices for tasting spirits before putting our deductive sipping skills to the test. Gabriel Clary of Skurnik’s esteemed Terry Theise Portfolio shared tasting techniques from the world of wine, and armed with this perspective, we blind tasted a variety of spirits before discussing their identity. By … Read More