Failla Winery, pronounced “FAY-LA,” has been a beacon of innovation in the wine world since its inception in 1998. Founded by the visionary Ehren Jordan, Failla made its debut as Failla-Jordan, introducing the world to Alban Vineyard Viognier (Edna Valley) and Que Syrah Syrah (Sonoma Coast). Simultaneously, they embarked on cultivating their Estate Vineyard in Cazadero, laying the foundation for the magical releases that would follow.

Experimentation is the cornerstone of Failla’s identity. Ehren Jordan’s unwavering commitment to exploring diverse climates, soils, and rootstocks has led to the establishment of eleven acres of Estate vineyards. Here, they produce exceptional Syrah, Chardonnay, and Pinot Noir that authentically capture the essence of California’s coolest regions.

Failla’s journey is a tribute to their exploration of cool-climate Pinot Noir. Starting in 1999 with Keefer Ranch Vineyard fruit, they expanded their reach to include iconic vineyards like Hirsch, Occidental Ridge, and even ventured into Oregon’s Eola-Amity AVA. The result is a dynamic Pinot program that showcases Failla’s dedication to pushing boundaries and celebrating diversity.

Chardonnay and Syrah are equally cherished at Failla. Their collection boasts eight Chardonnay bottlings and three Syrah selections, sourced from renowned vineyards like Hudson and Haynes, as well as their own plot on Olivet Road in Sonoma, adjacent to Olivet Vineyard.

Ehren Jordan’s lifelong commitment to winemaking is the heartbeat of Failla. His extensive experience, shaped by a transformative two-year apprenticeship in the Rhône Valley, led him to acquire a remote plot along the Sonoma Coast. Today, with over 30 acres under cultivation, Failla stands as a benchmark for cool-climate winemaking in California. Through Ehren’s hands-on farming and minimalist winemaking style, Failla continues to inspire wine enthusiasts worldwide with exceptional wines that convey the essence of California’s most captivating regions.


Farming Practice:
Practicing Biodynamic