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Brandy is the Bedrock: A Q&A with Charles Neal

Charles Neal Put the ‘Spirit’ in Skurnik Wines and Spirits 9

“Believe it or not, we’ve known Charles ever since he was the buyer for a small retail store in Huntington, Long Island…!! We became friends back then, so when he created a small portfolio of Armagnac producers in the late 90s, we were open to listening to what he had to say… If I’m not … Read More

Alzinger: Precision & Elegance from the Wachau


Leo Alzinger Jr.’s path to winemaking began when he was very young, watching his mother and father in the vineyards and cellars of the family winery. “There were no employees at this time; it was just them. I loved this from the beginning, being outside, working in nature”.  His interest deepened as he grew older … Read More

Zinfandel: American Heritage in a Glass

Zinfandel: American Heritage in a Glass 7

Crisp weather has arrived, Fall foliage is underway, and Thanksgiving is just around the corner, shifting our focus in the direction of the all-American grape variety: Zinfandel. Since its earliest mentions in literature from the 1820s, Zinfandel has been claimed as America’s own wine variety. And like many great stories of immigration, Zinfandel’s journey is … Read More