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Alberico: The Legendary Wines of The Prince of Venosa!


As happens all too often, the wines of Alberico passed into legend only after their creator, the prince of Venosa, had left this earthly world behind. The prince was an eccentric recluse who had planted Bordeaux varieties on his estate at the gates of Rome in Lazio in the late 1940s. To quote Eric Asimov … Read More

A Seven-Year-Old Eight-Year-Old Wine

A Seven-Year-Old Eight-Year-Old Wine

I know, I know…you’re supposed to drink the stuff at the height of its freshness. But remember the days when they used to say that about Muscadet? And then suddenly it became the ne plus ultra of cool to pour ten-year-old Clos des Briords by the glass? We should start by saying that this was not intentional. … Read More

Terry Theise’s 2018 Austria Vintage Report

Terry Theise's 2018 Austria Vintage Report 53

THE 2018 VINTAGE Well, it’s complicated. Let me reassure you, there are plenty of excellent wines and more than a few great ones. They don’t seem destined for long-keeping (by which I mean decades-long) but you’re not laying them away in any case, even though you could and would love the results. In contrast to … Read More