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Terry Theise’s 2017 Germany Vintage Report

Terry Theise's 2017 Germany Vintage Report 76

“If 2016 is a well-told joke, 2017 is a magnificently constructed argument. If 2016 is a morning in Spring, 2017 is an evening in Autumn.” – Terry Theise THE 2017 VINTAGE After an early Spring that was too-warm too-soon, everyone worried about late frosts. And then came late frosts. Before the end of April, nearly … Read More

Terry Theise’s 2016 Austria Vintage Report


Terry’s 2016 Austrian Vintage report is in and we’re very excited about the Austrian offering year – full of elegant and classic wines. Cooler toned rather than rich and unctuous, this vintage is a great counterpoint to the wines of 2015.  “There are incisive wines in 2016; there are intense wines, fascinating wines, quivering beautiful … Read More

Terry Theise’s 2016 Germany Vintage Report

Terry Theise's 2016 Germany Vintage Report 1

Terry has returned from Germany after tasting at over 30 estates from the Mosel to the Pfalz and his latest vintage report is in! I have a bad habit of burying the lead. This time I won’t. Nearly every vintage, even good, excellent or great ones, has a shadow side that expresses as a common … Read More

Terry Theise’s 2015 Austria Vintage Report

Terry Theise's 2015 Austria Vintage Report 3

We heard reports as early as January of this year that 2015 would be a great vintage. When the Austrian Wine Marketing Board rated 2015 a “Historic Vintage”, we were cautious, but optimistic. After tasting through the 2015 vintage with all of our growers several weeks ago we’re convinced that 2015 is indeed an extraordinary … Read More