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The 2019 Germany Vintage Report

The 2019 Germany Vintage Report

2019 is an exceptional vintage in Germany. It’s a vintage that has both excellent ripeness and bright, crisp acidity. It was not the easiest vintage on our grower’s nerves; the weather patterns were more extreme than previous years and varied from region to region and even village to village. The harvest required quick decision making … Read More

The 2019 Austria Vintage Report

The 2019 Austria Vintage Report 14

Each year in early May we take an annual trip to Austria to taste the new vintage with our nineteen growers. The start of Spring is a wonderful time in Austria: asparagus is everywhere, wine country is lush and green, and tasting the new vintage against this backdrop is a pleasure. This year’s tasting trip … Read More

The Golden Age of French Wine is Now (Despite Threats of Tariffs!)

The 2019 Harvest Report in France -- Part II! 16

Today may very well be the Golden Age of French wine, full stop. There has been no better stretch of great vintages or more exceptionally talented growers at the height of their powers than TODAY. 2019 is, as we speak, shaping up to be another glorious vintage in France. Every grower we spoke to views … Read More