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Champagne’s Special Club

Champagne's Special Club

In 1971 a group of twelve growers started an organization called Club de Viticultures Champenois, to promote the concept of terroir and estate bottled, or grower Champagne in France and abroad. In 1999 the group changed their name to Club Trésors de Champagne, but the mission and philosophy has not changed. Today, the group consists … Read More

BUBBLES 2017: A Skurnik Wines Tasting

BUBBLES 2017: A Skurnik Wines Tasting

Thank you to all who joined us for an ebullient event celebrating effervescent wines. This is always our most festive tasting, and this year was no different. In addition to showing over 100 sparkling wines from around the world, we also popped every bottle of champagne! It was an embarrassment of riches. Blanc de Blancs … Read More

2015: Legendary Loire Vintage

2015: Legendary Loire Vintage 15

2015 was a momentous year in the world of wine. Scientists found that ellagic acid, a compound found in red wine, helps fight fatty liver disease and improves metabolic health. As the news broke, a witness reported Gerard Depardieu taking a long deep sigh of relief. Singer-songwriter John Legend launched a Napa Valley wine brand, … Read More