August 11th Seminar with Andy Shallal

August 11th Seminar: How Race Impacts the Hospitality Industry & Why It Matters 3

Recently, a spotlight has been cast upon issues of equality and the accepted status quo in all facets of society including  the hospitality sector, whose very etymology lies in “the friendly and generous reception of guests and strangers.” Built into the fabric of our public meeting spaces is the rare potential to bring people together … Read More

The Profiles of Chenin Series

Profiles of Chenin 2

Throughout June we explored all aspects of Chenin with a remarkable group of growers who are all taking this noble variety to its maximum potential. Chenin is one of the most in vogue white grapes being grown around the world, with its qualitative epicenter found in the Loire Valley of France. Few white wines can … Read More

100 Years of Azelia: Old, Stubborn Beauty in Barolo

100 Years of Azelia: Old, Stubborn Beauty in Barolo 18

The Bricco Voghera vineyard in Serralunga d’Alba is a punishing place to work in August. It faces full south, has a near vertical incline up 400 meters and can easily reach 100º in the summer months. In the spring of 2014, a season of unrelenting rain turned a challenging task into a near impossible one. The soil was so wet, and the conditions … Read More

Sustainability in Spirits: Vicario

Sustainability in Spirits: Vicario

THE SUSTAINABILITY IN SPIRITS SERIES This is our seventh installment in a series that defines sustainability in spirits and shares some selections from our very own spirits portfolio. PART I Square One Organic Spirits PART II Apologue PART III Azteca Azul PART IV Real Minero PART V Novo Fogo PART VI Rhum JM Today we’re … Read More

Germany’s Nahe: A Geologist’s Paradise

Germany's Nahe: Geologist’s Paradise   2

HISTORY & EXPOSITION The Nahe is one of the smallest and the most geologically diverse regions in Germany. First legally recognized in 1971, this area is named for the Nahe River and is home to some of the finest vineyards and wineries in Germany. The Nahe River flows through the Hunsrück hills which separate the Nahe … Read More

The 2019 Germany Vintage Report

The 2019 Germany Vintage Report

2019 is an exceptional vintage in Germany. It’s a vintage that has both excellent ripeness and bright, crisp acidity. It was not the easiest vintage on our grower’s nerves; the weather patterns were more extreme than previous years and varied from region to region and even village to village. The harvest required quick decision making … Read More

The 2019 Austria Vintage Report

The 2019 Austria Vintage Report 14

Each year in early May we take an annual trip to Austria to taste the new vintage with our nineteen growers. The start of Spring is a wonderful time in Austria: asparagus is everywhere, wine country is lush and green, and tasting the new vintage against this backdrop is a pleasure. This year’s tasting trip … Read More