Terre Nere’s 2016 Releases: Mountain Majesty

Terre Nere Recap

Halfway between the sea and the sky in Sicily, you’ll find Marco de Grazia’s Mount Etna estate, Tenuta delle Terre Nere. His first commercial release was only in 2002, but the youth of this estate did not impede its becoming one of the best in class, and a reference point producer to all who care … Read More

Kirinzan – Top of the Class in Niigata, Japan


Although just a short two-hour train ride north of Tokyo on the bullet train, the mountainous area of Niigata is a world apart from the lights and hustle of earth’s largest urban center. Niigata faces out to the Pacific Ocean and at its back is a rippling and dramatic mountain range crisscrossed by narrow valleys. … Read More

Introducing Mouzon-Leroux: Rising Star in Verzy

sebastian mouzon

We’re very pleased to announce our partnership with Sébastien Mouzon, from Mouzon-Leroux; Skurnik Wines is now the exclusive importer for these outstanding champagnes in all 50 states. These are some of the most exciting wines we’ve tasted in a very long time –  pure expressions of Verzy Grand Cru, one of the most interesting and … Read More

A Tale of Two Meursaults

A Tale of Two Meursaults

The evening started with a simple question, “Meursault, Puligny, or Chassagne?” Sitting in a near empty restaurant in the middle of Beaune with some of Burgundy’s brightest stars, opinions came fast and furious. “Meursault has the best terroir, but too many mediocre producers”. “Puligny has the Grand Crus but too inconsistent”. “Chassagne is the most … Read More

Checking in with Raventós i Blanc

Checking In with Raventós i Blanc 5

It’s been a while since we trained our eye on one of the very nearest and dearest of all estates to the collective Skurnik heart: Raventós i Blanc (aside, of course, from the adorable periodic cavorting of their farm animals across our Instagram feed). This not to say that things have been quiet at the … Read More

Famiglia Statella on Mount Etna: “A Star is Born”!

Famiglia Statella on Mount Etna: “A Star is Born”! 4

It’s with these words “A star is born” that Vinous has blessed the very first vintage of Calogero Statella’s very own estate, Famiglia Statella. It’s a very enthusiastic confirmation of everything we already thought about Cal, as he is known amongst his friends. The easiest way to connect Cal to greatness is to let you … Read More

TOP RANKING: A Deeper Dive into the Magic of True Jamaican Rum

TOP RANKING: A Deeper Dive into the Magic of True Jamaican Rum

When we talk about RUM (or RHUM, or RON), it’s generally accepted that there are three broad categories to consider, delineated by the colonial power that once dominated the place where the liquor was produced: French styles of Rhum, Spanish styles of Ron, and British styles of Rum. Within those three categories, however, further deep … Read More

Terry Theise’s 2017 Germany Vintage Report

Terry Theise's 2017 Germany Vintage Report 76

“If 2016 is a well-told joke, 2017 is a magnificently constructed argument. If 2016 is a morning in Spring, 2017 is an evening in Autumn.” – Terry Theise THE 2017 VINTAGE After an early Spring that was too-warm too-soon, everyone worried about late frosts. And then came late frosts. Before the end of April, nearly … Read More