Cavallotto: The Legend of Bricco Boschis

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Perched atop the monopole of Bricco Boschis, you’ll find the Cavallotto family and their rolling vineyards. Now in the 4th generation of ownership, the Cavallotto estate, founded in 1928, covers 23 hectares of contiguous land in Castiglione Falletto. It’s here that Barolo’s famed calcareous marl soils dominate, all at an elevation of almost 300 meters … Read More

2015: Legendary Loire Vintage

2015: Legendary Loire Vintage 15

2015 was a momentous year in the world of wine. Scientists found that ellagic acid, a compound found in red wine, helps fight fatty liver disease and improves metabolic health. As the news broke, a witness reported Gerard Depardieu taking a long deep sigh of relief. Singer-songwriter John Legend launched a Napa Valley wine brand, … Read More

Low ABV Libations: Proof is in the Cocktail


Have you ever found yourself at a hip new restaurant, perusing the cocktail menu, but confounded by a list that doesn’t seem to include any spirits? What’s a drink made with Americano, vermouth, lime and sour beer? Only the lime juice seems familiar. You may be in a restaurant which only uses a beer/wine license … Read More

Isojiman Shuzo: Sake from the Seashore

Isojiman Shuzo: Sake from the Seashore 9

Few breweries in Japan have as defined a sense of purpose and as clear an identity as the revered Isojiman Shuzo from Shizuoka prefecture. Eighth-generation Yoji Teraoka, the current president of Isojiman Shuzo, began to take over the business from his father in the mid-1980s. He brought a renewed sense of drive and purpose to … Read More

Avant-Garde Alavesa: Bodegas y Viñedos Artadi

Avant-Garde Alavesa: Bodegas y Viñedos Artadi 8

The holm oak, Quercus ilex, is an evergreen oak species native to southern Europe. Part of the unique botanical patrimony of the Mediterranean, its acorns have fattened the hogs destined for the choicest hams since at least Roman times, and it has resonances with wine, too. Montalcino, for instance, is really the Mons ilcinus, the … Read More

Skurnik in the Well: Solid to the Core

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Over the past four years, your friends at Skurnik Wines & Spirits have specifically curated a portfolio able to meet the needs of every quality bar, restaurant or retailer and their programs. The perception that “Skurnik’s spirits portfolio is too cool for my clientele” should be long gone. Today, let’s examine some of the core … Read More

Gobelsburg: Tradition and Terroir in the Kamptal


The estate of Schloss Gobelsburg is nestled in the middle of the quite village of the same name in Austria’s Kamptal valley. A grand mansion of pre-World War proportions, its distinctive pale-yellow paint and Renaissance architectural style make for a striking façade. There are not many of these structures still standing and maintained in 21st … Read More

Voliero: The High Flying Cousin of Uccelliera!

Voliero: The High Flying Cousin of Uccelliera! 3

In 2006, Andrea Cortonesi put a lot of miles on his car. Already the founder, proprietor, vigneron and winemaker for the Uccelliera estate, he was also running his own restaurant in Siena called Il Casato. It was in his capacity as restaurateur that the Voliero label was born: in researching all of the best possible … Read More