DEI Mission Statement


Skurnik Wines & Spirits is committed to fostering an equitable environment that nurtures and sustains a culture of diversity and inclusion by valuing employees, customers and supplier partners of all backgrounds and experiences. We believe that commitment to diversity makes us a stronger, more adaptable, and more innovative company; and we believe that collaboration among team members with varied perspectives empowers us all to better serve the company as well as our larger community. Leading by example in our efforts to do our work with ethical integrity and purposeful intention moves ourselves, our company and our industry forward.

Core Values and Definition of Inclusivity

We believe that employees, customers and supplier partners of all internal, external, organizational and worldview diversities should feel welcomed and included at Skurnik Wines & Spirits. Inclusion encompasses each of us as a unique individual, and that uniqueness is defined by a multitude of factors and their intersectionality:

  • Internal diversity defines characteristics we cannot change and are born into, such as race, age, sexual orientation, or gender identity
  • External diversity defines characteristics that are often influenced by our surroundings and can change over time, such as appearance, religion, or citizenship
  • Organizational diversity defines our roles as they relate to one another within an organization
  • Worldview diversity defines characteristics that can change with time, and are arguably influenced by internal, external and worldview diversity characteristics, such as political beliefs

We must remember that we are all leaders some of the time, and to be effective we have to learn how to listen, adapt, and evolve. Once we acknowledge the need for change, each of us can promote inclusion and cultural solidarity by influencing the culture and behavior around us.

Strategic Objectives

  • Communicate our stance on diversity and inclusion to our community through word and action to drive 
change within our industry
  • Improve awareness and recognition among employees, supplier partners and customers of the ways in which our differences make us stronger
  • Increase diversity 

    • at all levels of the organization by increasing awareness and equity in hiring and promotion policies, updating job postings and descriptions, and deliberately pursuing diverse talent
    • among our supplier partners by actively seeking out producers with diverse internal and external identities
  • Encourage an inclusive work environment that fosters creativity and innovation, promoting collaboration and engagement through awareness and inclusive leadership skills training, and that supports Work-Life Flexibility and the personal needs and uniqueness of employees and freelancers
  • Work with management to establish and achieve these objectives of equity, diversity and inclusion