“Revello embodies the finest values of Piedmont’s artisan culture.” – Antonio Galloni

Seeming to appear out of nowhere about 10 years ago, brothers Enzo and Carlo Revello took over their father’s nine-hectare estate and almost immediately became one of the hottest estates in La Morra. The brothers are also very close to Elio Altare, who, along with Beppe Caviola, has worked with them since their decision to leave their previous careers for full-time winemaking work. Enzo works mainly in the cellar and Carlo in the vineyard. Since the release of their first Barolo (1993 vintage), which was a blend of fruit from all of their vineyard holdings, the brothers have released four cru bottlings, “Giachini”, “Rocche dell’Annunziata”, rare “Conca” and the “Gattera,” first released in 1999.

Vineyard Management: Sulfur- and copper-based products are mainly used. No insecticides are used. Only organic fertilizers (manure) are used (every 3-4 years). Natural cover crops (grass cover) are left between the rows of vines. The grass is mowed and in autumn the soil is tilled (every other year). Very low doses of SO2 are used in in the wines.

Farming Practice:
Practicing Organic

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