Antica Torino

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Antica Torino Vermouth di Torino is the brainchild and longtime passion project of Liguria-based wine/spirits huntsman Vittorio Zoppi and Umbrian wine maker Filippo Antonelli.  Vito’s love and eventual business venture began like many others, as a child, surrounded by the time honored tradition of the people and the place.

Over the years, Vito continued to dip his proverbial finger into the glass, sampling and studying the wide variety of vermouth produced throughout Italy and the world.  He learned the histories and sought the endemic differences in style and methods of production.  The two solicited the guiding wisdom of vermouth producers, wine/spirits writers, bartenders and other trusted industry professionals, taking detailed notes of what goes into a great, versatile vermouth, with a classic foundation.

Easy, right?  Obviously not!  It took 9 months for Vito & Filippo to formulate, reformulate, and finally settle on the recipe that would become Antica Torino.   Enjoy!

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