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Kirinzan – Top of the Class in Niigata, Japan


Although just a short two-hour train ride north of Tokyo on the bullet train, the mountainous area of Niigata is a world apart from the lights and hustle of earth’s largest urban center. Niigata faces out to the Pacific Ocean and at its back is a rippling and dramatic mountain range crisscrossed by narrow valleys. … Read More

Nishiyama Shuzo: Poet of the Sake World

Nishiyama Shuzo: Poet of the Sake World 3

Founded by the Nishiyama family in 1849, the sake brewery Nishiyama Shuzo is located in the heart of Hyogo Prefecture, one of the finest sake regions in the country. While sake from Hyogo is most famously associated with a cluster of huge sake breweries all built on a famous water source close to the port … Read More