Why You Should Drink Grower Champagne

Why You Should Drink Grower Champagne

“You should drink ‘farmer-fizz’ if you’ve forgotten that Champagne is WINE. You should drink ‘farmer-fizz’ if you’d rather buy Champagne from a farmer than a factory. You should drink it if you’d rather have a wine expressive of vineyard, and the grower’s own connection to vineyard, than a wine ‘formed’ by a marketing swami who’s … Read More

Changing of the Guard at Schlossgut Diel

Changing of the Guard at Schlossgut Diel

“Once the grapes are harvested, once you pick, it is your job not to hurt anything and get out of the way. But before the grapes are ripe there are so many decisions you make, as a vigneron,  which affect your quality. This is why I am always in the vineyards. I love it, and … Read More

Terry Theise Squawk Box: The 2014 Vintage in Austria

Until late August it looked good, on schedule and plenty of it. Then it got rainy and clammy, and this was exactly the worst possible weather, and it didn’t let up for weeks. It rained and rained, and when the sun came out it was steamy, and any grapes with thin skins and tight bunches … Read More

Terry Theise Squawk Box: The 2014 Vintage in Germany

Two quotes are apropos. Some years ago Helmut Dönnhoff issued this little bon mot, which struck me as among the truest things I’ve heard said about wine. “If God were truly just, vintners could make each vintage twice.” And a few years later, Michi Moosbrugger at Schloss Gobelsburg said, (paraphrasing) “I’m less interested in good … Read More

2015 Grand Portfolio Tasting

2015 Grand Portfolio Tasting 59

The 2015 Skurnik Wines Grand Portfolio Tasting was our biggest show yet! A record number of winemakers joined us in New York City to share their wines and meet with buyers from throughout New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

January 2015 Tasting

January 2015 Tasting 34

Our January tastings are a great chance to check in on the current releases from our beloved German and Austrian wines as well as new releases from Italy. The winemakers from Terry Theise’s portfolio flocked to Manhattan, and our Italian portfolio opened up a slew of amazing 2010 Brunellos.

The Barolo Boys Tasting

Skurnik Wines has been a proud supporter of the new wave of Barolo producers for many years. We’ve honor and pleasure to sell great wines by  Elio Altare , Chiara Boschis, Giorgio Rivetti, and wines imported by our partner Marc De Grazia,  among many others. These winemakers were the focus of the Barolo Boys movie … Read More

Spain Trip

Skurnik Company Trip to Spain (July 16-27, 2014) Spain is exciting in so many ways. Our fastest growing region in terms of sales, the treasures and diversity that is Spanish wine, are still only beginning to be discovered by the wine drinking public. Most wine consumers, or even wine professionals, when they think of Spain, … Read More