Top of the Hill! Jean-Philippe Blot of Domaine de la Butte

Top of the Hill! Jean-Philippe Blot of Domaine de la Butte
Using the same farming practices that created Blot’s reputation in Montlouis, with hand-harvesting, wild-yeast fermentations and minimal intervention, Domaine de La Butte has created a host of dramatic wines that have helped add new life to the reputation of the appellation. These are without any doubt among the finest Bourgueils being produced today.Vinous Media

The ever-youthful Jean-Philippe Blot turned 40 yesterday.  This talented and kind human has been working with his dad for almost twenty-four years, since he was sixteen.

Back in January, Jean-Philippe Blot visited our NYC headquarters where we had the opportunity to sit down and talk about some of his remarkable 2018 releases from Bourgeuil, which continue upon an unparalleled string of epic vintages for Loire Valley Cabernet Franc.

In the video below, Jean-Philippe explains a bit of the magic behind the vintage, organic farming, and the uniqueness of the Butte:

We also have some videos taken from last summer that show off this special hillside.  There is a focused look at the Haut de La Butte that sits at the very top of the hill and subsequently the appellation at between 90-100 meters.

This is easily the rockiest site of the domaine — with compacted clay and silex blocks on the surface for 50cm to one meter before hitting the Turonian limestone bedrock. The geology of the hillside is some 50-93 millions years old.

Wine and Spirit Label 1

Bourgueil ‘Le Haut de la Butte’, Domaine de la Butte [Jacky Blot]

  • Certified organic
  • 100% Cabernet Franc
  • 40+ year old vines
  • South exposure
  • Compacted clay and silex blocks over ancient limestone bedrock
  • De-stemmed
  • Indigenous yeasts
  • Fermented and aged in a mix of cement and older barrels
  • Unfined and unfiltered


There’s a distinct minerality and texture to truly great Cabernet Franc of the Loire that is unmistakable. It feels like you’re chewing on grains of wild berries and crushed oyster shells. Brisk and completely mouth filling, yet so light on its feet. Easily one of the most perfect food wines with roast chicken, duck breast, or old school sausage.

It has some of the same qualities found in Cru Beaujolais and great Gamay, but with more density and grip to it.  A special Loire red that will easily have 10-20 years in front of it and something you can and will want to drink now, tomorrow, and re-visit with pleasure well into the future.

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