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Spanish Single Vineyards: Ready to Mingle

Spanish Wine: It’s Made in the Vineyard (Surprise!)

In a world where Jurassic limestone is no longer sufficient to distinguish the climats of Burgundy (Bajocian or Bathonian, please?); in a world where German aficionados speak in hushed reverence of cadasters and Prussian taxes; in a world where the cartography of Napa and Piemonte and who knows where else is carried out practically by … Read More

Checking in with Raventós i Blanc

Checking In with Raventós i Blanc 5

It’s been a while since we trained our eye on one of the very nearest and dearest of all estates to the collective Skurnik heart: Raventós i Blanc (aside, of course, from the adorable periodic cavorting of their farm animals across our Instagram feed). This not to say that things have been quiet at the … Read More

O Ribeiro: an Ode to the Forgotten Bank

O Ribeiro: an Ode to the Forgotten Bank 3

The Ribeiro: would this rose by any other word smell as sweet– or even sweeter? I’m half convinced that a jazzier name alone could have worked wonders for this underappreciated denominación.  As it stands, this fairly generic “Riverbank” (the literal meaning) seems a little lost in the crowd of those other nearby Banks, the juggernaut … Read More