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Welcome Back to Skurnik: Le Potazzine

Le Potazzine 1

  There is no person more Montalcino than Gigliola Giannetti. Born and raised in Montalcino, her first full time job was working for Franco Biondi Santi, owner of one of the town’s most famous estates in 1985. But she wasn’t content to stay very long—in 1987 Gigliola’s entrepreneurial spirit brought her to open her own … Read More

Cigliuti: Purity and Terroir in Barbaresco

Cigliuti: Purity and Terroir in Barbaresco

Renato Cigliuti may produce some of the best damn Barbaresco you’ve never heard of, but he is, first and foremost, a farmer. In fact, he comes from four generations of farmers who have tilled the Langhe soils to support their families. So, it came as a great shock to Renato’s family and their neighbors in … Read More