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Terry Theise’s 2016 Germany Vintage Report

Terry Theise's 2016 Germany Vintage Report 1

Terry has returned from Germany after tasting at over 30 estates from the Mosel to the Pfalz and his latest vintage report is in! I have a bad habit of burying the lead. This time I won’t. Nearly every vintage, even good, excellent or great ones, has a shadow side that expresses as a common … Read More

Kruger-Rumpf: Terroir in the Nahe

Kruger-Rumpf: Terroir in the Nahe 34

  The roots of the Kruger-Rumpf estate date back to the 1790’s. Like most vine-growers at the time, the family sold the majority of their grape production to larger houses or cooperatives. This practice continued through the ninetieth and early twentieth centuries until Stefan Rumpf kept the majority of their harvest to produce their own … Read More

Von Winning: Grand Cru Riesling from the Pfalz

Von Winning: Grand Cru Riesling from the Pfalz 1

Located in the village Deidesheim, the von Winning estate looks back on 160 years of winemaking history, however the style of the wines currently being made are unique and unlike anything else in the region. Formerly called the Dr. Deinhard Estate, the winery was purchased in 2007 by Achim Niederberger, a businessman interested in reestablishing the … Read More