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Vermouth Bianco, Contratto

The first Contratto Vermouth recipes date back to the 1890s. They were the base for a Vermouth that was only consumed locally. In the 1920s, the Vermouth production was extended and recipes were modified. Most of the Vermouth was exported as Vermouth became the drink of the epoch. Contratto Vermouth di Torino was the “in” drink in the 1930s, allowing the winery an annual production of 100,000 bottles. Today, with recipes older than 100 years and passed on through the generations, Contratto’s full lineup includes, Vermouth Bianco, Vermouth Rosso, Americano Rosso, Contratto Bitter & Aperitif, and Fernet. For the first time again since the 60s, Contratto is making all classic apertivi and digestivi.


Tasting Notes

More structured than most biancos out there, Contratto’s Vermouth Bianco has an integrated bitterness from wormwood and gentian with plenty of zesty herbs, spices and citrus to make this bianco stand out. Bold, bright and balanced, Contratto Bianco Vermouth is the perfect aperitif for sipping and mixing into classic and modern cocktails.

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