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Barolo Chinato

Barolo Chinato, S & B Borgogno

Barolo Chinato, S & B Borgogno

In the backrooms of late eighteenth century apothecaries, chemists of the time created an elixer, a sort of tonic with medicinal properties. Serio and Battista Borgogno’s Barolo Chinato was inspired by these recipes, with the help of historical information passed down through generations of Borgognos. In 2016, after a long search of the family archives and with the help of a family friend, the cantina was able to reconstruct the original recipe of Serio Borgogno!

This aromatized wine is an assemblage of Borgogno’s best Barolo with an infusion of carefully selected herbs and spices, including but not limited to: quinine, vanilla, cinnamon, juniper and rhubarb. We would like to tell you the rest of the ingredients, but as the adage goes, then we’d have to kill you! Furthermore, we can’t promise it will cure all of your ills, but in the Langhe, its salutary properties are considered on a mythical level, much like chicken soup in New York.

With 17 % alcohol and a base of wine, even premises not licensed to sell spirits can indulge their clients in Chinato! It’s the perfect foil for chocolate desserts, and as we speak our mixology team is working on a number of cocktails to propose to you based on this special aromatized wine. The perfume is reminiscent of cherry liqueur, cocoa, cinnamon and rose petal, which follow through on the palate with pleasant, classic notes of “amaro” and hints of spices. It can be served on its own at room temperature as a digestif, but its versatility as a dessert wine is almost unparalleled! Pastries, spicy crackers, or even dark chocolate and cakes all are perfect accompaniments. In the kitchen it is renowned as an important ingredient in the preparation of Zabaglione, or served hot as “Mulled Wine”…


Barolo Chinato
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