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Arlaud’s 2016 Vintage: A Triumph in Times of Trouble


It was the evening of Friday, May 27th, 2016, and for the 5th straight day, rain was pouring down on the vineyards of Burgundy. After a devastating frost in April that dropped the potential volume of the vintage by at least 50%, the remaining vines were now drowning. Cyprien Arlaud, of Domaine Arlaud in Morey … Read More

A Tale of Two Meursaults

A Tale of Two Meursaults

The evening started with a simple question, “Meursault, Puligny, or Chassagne?” Sitting in a near empty restaurant in the middle of Beaune with some of Burgundy’s brightest stars, opinions came fast and furious. “Meursault has the best terroir, but too many mediocre producers”. “Puligny has the Grand Crus but too inconsistent”. “Chassagne is the most … Read More

Champagne’s Special Club

Champagne's Special Club

In 1971 a group of twelve growers started an organization called Club de Viticultures Champenois, to promote the concept of terroir and estate bottled, or grower Champagne in France and abroad. In 1999 the group changed their name to Club Trésors de Champagne, but the mission and philosophy has not changed. Today, the group consists … Read More