Distilleria Alpe

Genepy Herbetet

Genepy Herbetet, Distilleria Alpe

Genepy Herbetet, Distilleria Alpe

Since 1948, the Alpe Distillery has been managed with passion and expertise by the Calvetti Family. Specializing in historic liqueurs and grappas of the Aosta Valley, Alpe is marked by constant research into their ingredients and production techniques, while adhering to the storied traditions of the Valle d’Aosta’s ancient distillers. The liqueurs produced by brewing and distilling rare alpine herbs and roots illuminates and preserve all the aromas, flavors and invigorating aspects of the Italian Alps.


Valle d'Aosta
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Full Bottle IT-XAL-01-NV 6/750ml

Tasting Notes

Alpe’s Genepy “Herbetet” is named after Herbetet Peak of the mountain Grand Paradiso, located in the Graian Alps between the Aosta Valley and Piedmont.

At these high elevations, the famous/infamous/fantastical/questionably hallucinogenic herb, Genepy aka Génépi aka Artemisia aka wormwood grows in abundance, providing Alpe’s herbal liqueur with its categorical name, classic flavor and color.  Note:  Genepy is also often used when speaking generally about a liqueur produced from a variety of alpine herbs, including, but not always, wormwood.

In addition to wormwood, Alpe’s Genepy also infuses oregano, mint and cinnamon, among other ingredients, into the grain-based alcohol.  This herbal dram is balanced by 200g sugar/L and clocks in at 49% abv.

At this atypically higher proof, Alpe’s Genepy Herbetet is perfect when served as a digestif and works EFFORTLESSLY in cocktails.

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