Antica Torino

Aperitivo di Vino, 'Stellare Primo'

Aperitivo di Vino, 'Stellare Primo'

Aperitivo di Vino Stellare Primo Antica Torino
  • Wine-based aperitivo produced in Northern Italy for Antica Torino
  • Botanicals are macerated for varying lengths of time in a combination of Italian neutral wheat spirit and brandy distilled from Northern Italian varieties
  • Featured botanicals include gentian, rhubarb root, sweet & bitter orange peel, grapefruit peel, orris root, and heartsease (wild pansy historically used in European herbalism)
  • Once filtered, the infused spirit is combined with a combination of Italian Chardonnay and other white wines from Northern Italy
  • Sweetened with beet sugar and colored with all-natural cochineal dye
  • The final aromatized wine is lightly filtered to remove any remaining particulate and rested for 3 months before bottling
  • Aromas of tangy, fruit candies, dried strawberry, and fresh orange pulp introduce a spike of approachable gentian bitterness on the palate while expertly balancing a hint of sweetness with lemon zest on the edges of the tongue. Grapefruit peel and subtle minerality on the finish are amplified when combined with a splash of soda water
  • 17% ABV; refrigerate after opening

This cheerful aperitivo invites easy enjoyment with very little need for contemplation. Simply top with club soda or tonic or use in classic Italian cocktails such as an Americano, Spritz, or Negroni. As a bonus, this bright-eyed bitter is wine-based, and as such, is eligible for programs with Wine & Beer Licenses.


Blend - White

Sizes Available

Full Bottle IT-XAT-10-NV 12/750ml