Famille Moussé

Famille Mouss

Region: Vallée de la Marne
Sites: Cuisles, Jonquery, Olizy-Violaine, Châtillon-sur-Marne
Total Vineyard Holdings: 9.5 hectares
Annual Production: 6,100 cases
Vines: 80% Pinot Meunier, 16% Pinot Noir and 4% Chardonnay

Famille Moussé (CUISLES)

A grower since 1750, Champagne Famille Moussé sits in the village of Cuisles, in a valley perpendicular to the Marne river. This village is know for a unique terroir in Champagne: a thick band of green clay that sits under sand and various other soil types. This special clay, known as “Illite” and is used in cosmetics, gives the Meunier at this benchmark domaine an almost Chardonnay-like quality, with a lift and texture not often seen with this variety.

 There are few vignerons who are as committed to environmental sustainability as 4th generation winemaker Cédric Moussé. Under his leadership, the winery has undergone a complete overhaul with the goal of reducing its carbon footprint. His has solar panels that power the cellar, tasting room, and 2 houses on the property, while geothermal energy moderates the temperature throughout the winery. Pigs, chickens and sheep roam the vines, serving as natural stewards as they turn the soil and feast on weeds. Everything at the domaine is done with an eye towards maximum sustainability. Harvesting at the estate is done exclusively in very small crates (a painstaking, labor-intensive process that protects the grapes from being crushed prematurely) and only stainless steel is used in the cellar. Through his elite-level farming and winemaking, Cédric is able to produce Meunier with a class and elegance that is rarely seen in Champagne, and has been rewarded with a reputation as one of the finest growers in the entire region.

Farming Practice:
Practicing Organic