Stefano Massone’s Piemonte vineyards are located in the warmer southeastern part of the region in Gavi, where the Cortese grape achieves maximum ripeness. As this varietal tends to be very productive, rigorous vineyard management and low yields are vital to producing Cortese of high quality, as practiced at Massone but at few other estates. Some even compare fine Gavi to white Burgundy, citing the mineral character of the wines. Ripe, rich fruit provides perfect balance to the vibrant acidity of the single-varietal, single-vineyard bottling of “Vigneto Masera”, producing a wine with both weight and crispness, along with intense aromas of lime, pear, apple and exotic fruits. An ideal aperitif or first course wine in an all-Piedmont lineup, and a great value!

We are also pleased to offer Massone’s premier vintage of Piemonte Barbera, from vineyards in Nizza Monferrato, which sit at 200 meters above sea level with grey marl and sand soils. A perfect example of just what makes Barbera such a delightful drink, it’s a wine that’s sure to please many palates and we’re extremely excited to include it in the Skurnik portfolio.

Vineyard Management: No systemic plant protection products (products which act by systemic transport, through the sap of the plant) are used. Sulfur and copper-based products are predominant. As there are no problems due to insects, no insecticides are used. No herbicides are used. Natural cover crops (grass cover) are left between the rows of vines. The grass is then mowed between every other row of vines and left to form humus, while the rest of the rows are tilled. No fertilizers are used. SO2 is used with extreme care in the wines.

Farming Practice:
Practicing Organic

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