Germany & Austria Like Never Before: Our June Tour 2023

Germany & Austria Like Never Before: Our June Tour 2023
This year, our classic June Tour looked a little different. We collaborated with The German Wine Collection for a series of first-of-its-kind seminars and tastings in NYC, LA, & SF.

It all started in NYC, where selections from the German Wine Collection and Skurnik’s German and Austrian portfolios were poured together under one roof as we celebrated the 20th anniversary of Grosses Gewächs and Germany’s VDP system. Growers from both portfolios were there to taste, speak, and laugh with all of you.

From there, our growers continued on to tour 10 additional cities; Boston, Miami, Atlanta, D.C., Chicago, St. Louis, Houston, Denver, Seattle, & Portland, presenting the 2022 vintage. This collaboration championed German & Austrian wines and the benchmark growers behind them, and we are so proud to have made it happen.

Please enjoy some photos below from the tour’s first stop, New York City!


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