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Terry Theise Squawk Box: The 2014 Vintage in Austria

Until late August it looked good, on schedule and plenty of it. Then it got rainy and clammy, and this was exactly the worst possible weather, and it didn’t let up for weeks. It rained and rained, and when the sun came out it was steamy, and any grapes with thin skins and tight bunches … Read More

Terry’s Squawk Box: The 2013 Vintage in Austria

No reason to be coy. For Riesling and Grüner Veltliner this is a classic vintage, a serious candidate for Greatness, and the best young crop I’ve tasted since the 1999s. They made me nostalgic, because I was carried back to the days of tasting those 90s vintages, at least the good ones, before everything got … Read More