What It’s Not: An Exercise in Blind Tasting

What It’s Not: An Exercise in Blind Tasting

In this classroom-style seminar our Skurnik Spirits team shared best practices for tasting spirits before putting our deductive sipping skills to the test. Gabriel Clary of Skurnik’s esteemed Germany, Austria, and Champagne Portfolio shared tasting techniques from the world of wine, and armed with this perspective, we blind tasted a variety of spirits before discussing their identity.

By honing our abilities to taste critically, we were able to broaden perceptions regarding a number of distillates and ways in which they can be enjoyed; shedding light on how spirits in various categories differ and what they may (sometimes surprisingly) have in common.

Part I: Breaking Down Blind Tasting with Gabriel Clary

Gabriel Clary primes our palates by breaking down a wine professional’s approach to blind-tasting, contributing insight from his personal strategy for articulating what he finds in glass.

Part II: Diving Into the Flights

In the second installment of our blind-tasting exercise, we dive into our blind spirits flights. Compelling observations from the group add intrigue before the spirits are revealed!

Part III: A Closer Look at Barrel and Cask Influences

In the final segment of What It’s Not: An Exercise in Blind-Tasting, we explore spirits that have been aged in barrel and look at how cask influence challenges the palate!

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