Estancia Distillery

In 2014, Rio Chenery left New York City and returned to his family home in Jalisco. Rio was witnessing firsthand the worldwide explosion of agave spirits and wanted to participate in bringing more unique Mexican distillates—like those around which he grew up—to an international audience. With that goal in mind, Rio founded Estancia.

In the 1960’s, Rio’s grandfather, on a business trip for Tecate beer, stumbled across an unusual agave spirit in the small mountain town of Mascota and fell in love with it. The locals called it Raicilla, meaning “little root”, and over the years it became a family favorite. Fast forward 50 years and this is the first and foremost spirit Rio has set out to share with the world through Estancia.

In the years since, he has expanded the scope of the brand. In 2018, Estancia launched one of the first Destilado de Pulque to ever reach US shores, and has recently added the first Pechuga de Raicilla release as well. Never one to let the moss grow under him, Rio continues to expand upon his mission, remaining at the forefront of unique Mexican style and distillation, yet he and Estancia stay humble. The brand continues to be accessible in both price and quality, working in respectful harmony with his producers. The work of a mission like Estancia never ends, but neither do the love of learning, and the pleasure.