Estancia Distillery

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Raicilla, the “small root”, is a type of mezcal produced in the central-western Mexican state of Jalisco. While Jalisco has been made famous by the goliath industry of Tequila, Raicilleros have been producing this agave-based predecessor since before the Spanish conquest of Mexico.

For Estancia’s current bottling of Raicilla, they are working with a single farmer of cultivated Maximiliana Agave while they wait for their newly planted agave to reach maturity. In 2017–2018, Estancia planted more than 12,000 2-year-old Maximiliana Agave seedlings that will be harvested in 6–7 years’ time.

Before Estancia’s agave can be cooked, their above-ground adobe brick ovens are heated for 10 hours using oak. Agaves are loaded into the oven, sealed with mud & clay, then roasted for 2 ½ to 3 days.

Estancia’s Raicilla is double-distilled on a copper pot still, and batches produced throughout the year are blended to create a consistent profile.