Angelisco Tequila

For six generations, the Aceves Family of Arandas have been working as jimadors, cultivating agave for numerous tequila producers on their family estate. Expanding upon that family tradition, their youngest son Alvaro Aceves apprenticed with the former master distiller of Don Julio. He now works at Casa San Matias, distilling their house brand, as well as other labels such as Pueblo Viejo and Orgullo. Alvaro is the Aceves family’s first Tequilero, and his passion project is their own fabrica, Casa Tequileria de Arandas, where he distills the family’s agave to make Angelisco Tequila.
Over 7,000 feet in elevation, Arandas is the heart of Los Altos, the highland pleateau of Jalisco. Los Altos is known for hot days and cool nights, and the deep red of its iron rich soil. The agave in the area struggle, lengthening their life cycle and the complexity of their flavors.
Angelisco’s tequilas are single-estate grown, 100% blue weber agave sourced from the Aceves family fields in the “Golden Triangle” of Los Altos. Piñas (hearts of agave) are steam cooked for 24 hours, followed by a 72 hour open-air fermentation, then double distilled in stainless steel pot still with copper components. There are no additives or finishing agents. Yield is approximately 8 Kilos of Agave per liter.
Honest tequila, made by the talented scion of a historic agave farming family, in one of the most coveted agave-producing regions in the world. A delight to experience.