Harmon Skurnik Joins MJ Towler on The Black Wine Guy Experience!

Harmon Skurnik Joins MJ Towler on The Black Wine Guy Experience!
It Takes Two to Make a Thing Go Right: Harmon Skurnik on the Importance of Tasting and Talent

Season 2, Ep. 25

Harmon brings four wines to the table while he and MJ talk candidly about the past, present, and future of Skurnik, sharing stories that take us back to the beginning and make us so excited for the future!



    • 0:00 – Rapid-Fire: 20 Questions with MJ
    • 19:11 – MJ introduces Harmon and Skurnik Wines & Spirits
    • 21:47 – Saint-Aubin 1er ‘Murgers des Dents de Chien’, Pierre Girardin
    • 28:36 – Harmon’s introduction to the wine world, and growing up with Michael
    • 34:55 – Harmon & Michael’s experience leading up to Skurnik Wines & Spirits
    • 41:00 – Skurnik’s beginnings
    • 50:23 – Expanding the Portfolio: German Wine
    • 55:28 – Expanding the Portfolio: Egly-Ouriet & Grower Champagne
    • 1:02:40 – What sets Skurnik’s portfolio apart
    • 1:08:20 – Langhe Nebbiolo ‘Sori della Sorba’, Sori della Sorba
    • 1:11:47 – Expanding the Portfolio: Spirits
    • 1:15:46 – Skurnik in California
    • 1:18:24 – From Jericho, to Syosset, to Manhattan – Our NYC Headquarters
    • 1:23:49 – The next generation of Skurnik Wines & Spirits
    • 1:26:27 – Syrah ‘GRANITE’, Mullineux
    • 1:29:40 – Fighting Tariffs and the US Wine Trade Alliance

You can learn more about both MJ and The Black Wine Guy Experience by visiting the website.

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