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Save Some Booze for the Sauce

Save Some Booze for the Sauce

For better or worse (mostly better), fermentation and the consumption of potable alcohol is one of the human race’s defining characteristics.  Since its discovery, alcohol has been used in, and enjoyed alongside, food for its organoleptic and intoxicating properties.  Throughout the world, drinks are a part of the meal… despite not actually being food.  We … Read More

Introducing Mouzon-Leroux: Rising Star in Verzy

sebastian mouzon

We’re very pleased to announce our partnership with Sébastien Mouzon, from Mouzon-Leroux; Skurnik Wines is now the exclusive importer for these outstanding champagnes in all 50 states. These are some of the most exciting wines we’ve tasted in a very long time –  pure expressions of Verzy Grand Cru, one of the most interesting and … Read More

Famiglia Statella on Mount Etna: “A Star is Born”!

Famiglia Statella on Mount Etna: “A Star is Born”! 4

It’s with these words “A star is born” that Vinous has blessed the very first vintage of Calogero Statella’s very own estate, Famiglia Statella. It’s a very enthusiastic confirmation of everything we already thought about Cal, as he is known amongst his friends. The easiest way to connect Cal to greatness is to let you … Read More