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Introducing Champagne Philippe Glavier!

Introducing Champagne Philippe Glavier! 1

Philippe and Véronique Glavier manage this small (4.5Ha) estate in the village of Cramant. This is a family-run domaine; Philippe who studied in Avize, works the vineyards and cellar while Véronique manages the business. Véronique is the 12th generation of winegrowers in Monthelon, and as she was growing up she was categorically certain of one … Read More

Arlaud’s 2016 Vintage: A Triumph in Times of Trouble


It was the evening of Friday, May 27th, 2016, and for the 5th straight day, rain was pouring down on the vineyards of Burgundy. After a devastating frost in April that dropped the potential volume of the vintage by at least 50%, the remaining vines were now drowning. Cyprien Arlaud, of Domaine Arlaud in Morey … Read More

The Bitter and the Sweet Side of Liqueurs: A Long-Lived Tipple

The Bitter and the Sweet Side of Liqueurs: A Long-Lived Tipple 9

There are many confusing categories under the broad “spirits” umbrella: amari versus bitter, bourbon versus whisk(e)y, rum versus rhum… the list goes on. One category, however, particularly garners much debate: liqueur.  The category is confusing, with good reason. There are several distinctly different types: crème liqueurs, cream liqueurs, amari (bitter after-dinner drinks) and aperitifs (pre-dinner … Read More

Terry Theise’s 2017 Austria Vintage Report

Terry Theise's 2017 Austria Vintage Report 25

Unlike Germany, there was no Spring frost, and like Germany it was an early harvest, and unlike Germany the growing season wasn’t especially complicated, and the growers said they had a fairly easy time of it. Like Germany the wines are ripe and strong, in contrast to the tensile yet lissome ‘16s, and like Germany … Read More