Widening the Lens: A Guide to Presenting Unusual and Overlooked Spirits

Widening the Lens: A Guide to Presenting Unusual and Overlooked Spirits

Last October, the Skurnik Spirits Team hosted a seminar at HQ entitled, “Widening the Lens: A Guide to Presenting Unusual and Overlooked Spirits”. In this three-part seminar, we explored everything from grassy Agricole rhums to unusual Italian liqueurs and discussed ways to introduce these lesser-understood gems to a wider audience.

Part 1: Gateway Cocktails

In the first segment of the seminar, our own Justin Briggs was joined by talented bartender Eryn Reece of New York cocktail den, Banzarbar. The topic was cocktail recipes and how esoteric spirits can become more approachable when incorporated into familiar templates or paired with friendly flavors.

Part 2: Menu Psychology

In the second segment, Skurnik Spirits Team member and graphic designer, Amanda Elder, dives deep into menu psychology, and how everything from the way a cocktail is described to where it’s placed on the page can influence the regularity with which a drink might be ordered.

Part 3: The Elevator Pitch

In the final segment, Adam Schuman brushes us up on our elevator pitches. When introducing something new to a guest or customer, how do we relay the quality and character of a distillate clearly and efficiently? First impressions, after all, are important for spirits, too, and painting an enticing—and accurate—picture of something new for someone can mean the first step into a larger world of imbibing adventure.


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