The 2019 Fall Spirits Exhibition

The 2019 Fall Spirits Exhibition

Never is the creative energy of the East Coast’s cocktailing community more palpable than in the Fall. The change in season cracks wide open the range of flavors that might catch an imbiber’s fancy, and tastemakers in every style of bar, restaurant, and retail shop are ready to oblige by offering dazzling elixirs showcasing recipes and ingredients that read like the magical incantations. And perhaps they are; to drink and dine in the autumn and winter of the Northeast evokes a beguiling sense of place that is somehow both familiar and exotic, timeless and new, communal and yet deeply personal.

It is to this collective spirit of culinary possibility and potable potential that Skurnik dedicates our 2019 Fall Spirits Exhibition. We’re tremendously proud of a portfolio that continues to grow in selection without sacrificing quality and, indeed, every producer, country, and category that we represent further elevates the conversation regarding what it means to drink spirits today.

Thank you to our incredible suppliers, staff, and customers for joining our biggest spirits event to date–
a combination walk-around tasting, cocktail exploration, and afternoon of education,
all while getting to know many of our passionate producers in person.


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