Tariff Talk with Harmon Skurnik & David Hinkle

Tariff Talk with Harmon Skurnik & David Hinkle

There is so much misinformation out there regarding the tariff threat that is looming over our industry.

We sat down with Harmon Skurnik for a second ‘Tariff Talk’ to discuss where we are today in the ONGOING fight against tariffs on all EU wines and spirits. Excuse the ?, we’re filming from NYC!

This video address the most pressing concerns that we have been fielding as of late:

  • Addressing the confusion over Macron’s tweet.
  • The actual, larger threat to our industry that still remains.
  • What we’ve been doing to combat these tariff threats.
  • How this tariff will affect the American economy and jobs.
  • What can consumers do?
    (For your convenience, here’s how to find out the contact info for your congresspeople.)
  • What can growers do?

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