Spirits of Another Kind

Spirits of Another Kind

It’s a crisp, fall afternoon. The sun is shining and the air seems full of vigor. It suddenly strikes you as the perfect day for a picnic in the park. It may not, however, have occurred to you to enjoy your lunch in the bucolic setting of your local cemetery. And yet, a century and … Read More

Piaggia & The Hidden Treasure of Carmignano DOCG

Piaggia & The Hidden Treasure of Carmignano DOCG 4

Tuscan legend has it that when Catherine de’ Medici of Florence was married to King Henry II of France in 1533, they exchanged important wedding gifts. The Medici family gifted the French royals forks, which were already widely used in Italy, but unknown in France; and the French gifted the Medicis Cabernet grapes, which were … Read More

Postcards from the 2018 Harvest in France

La Bernarde | Côtes de Provence

With the barrels being filled, the tanks frothing away, the presses put to slumber, and the birds eagerly eying their leftover treats, the 2018 harvest in France is beginning to wind down. Join us as we look through the eyes of the people on the ground, who for the past month have toiled night and … Read More

Booze & Bubbles: A Skurnik Wines Tasting

Thank you to all that could join our Booze & Bubbles Tasting, our fall tasting where spirits are now a headlining act! Craft Spirits has remained our largest growth category for seven years running! We’ve been adding suppliers at a furious pace (600 SKUs available now). Actually, we do our best to say “no,” but … Read More

American Riesling: Defining a Noble Grape on American Soil

American Riesling: Defining a Noble Grape on American Soil 4

“More than any other great grape, Riesling has suffered from prostitution of its name. The word Riesling has been filched for incorporation into the names of all sorts of vine, many of them mediocre.” Jancis Robinson, Vines, Grapes and Wines, 1986. At the end of Prohibition, over one million gallons of “Riesling” were produced, and … Read More

Grand Cru Puglia: The Wines of Cosimo Taurino


“Traditional,” “rustic,” “authentic,” “not without its subtle nuances and soft contours,” “gutsy,” “spicy,” “earthy,”—these are just a few of the words professionals have used to describe the wines of Cosimo Taurino. Allow me to add more: “a gem in the rough”—for Puglia, one of Italy’s largest bulk wine growing regions, Taurino stands head and shoulders … Read More

The Pajama Spritz: An Introduction

The Pajama Spritz: An Introduction 1

What a great time in history to be able to spritz. Spritz is, indeed, a verb, and one that we’re fond of employing here at Skurnik. The action delivers all that the word implies; not only the promise of a cocktail in hand, but in the making, a setting of intention to refresh oneself with … Read More

An Intro to Shochu: Japan’s Terroir-Driven Spirit


Duck into just about any local izakaya pub in Japan, wind through a tight squeeze of boisterous diners, clusters of friends and coworkers reenergizing themselves after a long work day with skewers of grilled yakitori, potato croquettes and platters of local sashimi carefully folded into waves. Sit down, refresh yourself with a hot oshibori towel, … Read More