Pairing Food with Cider: A Fresh Take on Fall Flavors


The air is crisp, the leaves are changing – folks we are in cider season. This past weekend we took home a few of our favorites to see how well they pair with food. The results were eye-opening (and delicious!) Cider is an oft-overlooked companion at the table, and pairs with a diverse range of

Georg Breuer: New Cellar, New Vineyards for Rheingau Superstar


“I wish to produce wines that make the specific characteristics of their origin visible” – Bernhard Breuer Weingut Georg Breuer looks back on 130 years of history, beginning in 1880 when it was founded by the Hillebrand and Scholl families. Peter Breuer purchased the property in the early 20th century, passing it to his son

Pairing Candy with Cocktails: Spooky Edition!

Pairing Candy with Cocktails: Spooky Edition! 5

This Halloween, why not blow your inner 12-year-old’s mind by dovetailing the holiday’s most nostalgic candy flavors with complementary or contrasting spirits? These compelling flavor combinations can add dimension to classic cocktails and candies alike. And who doesn’t like to be startled by a new dimension on the scariest night of the year? It is

From Cup to Coupe: The Enticing Combination of Coffee & Spirits

From Cup to Coupe: The Enticing Combination of Coffee & Spirits

For as long as the human race has been ingenious enough to make beverages out of unlikely plants and strange-smelling ferments, coffee and alcohol have stood as the twin potable pillars of cultured society. Although coffee lives at the center of many a morning ritual, and spirits tend to dwell in the happy hours of

Fio: Everyday Avant-Garde

Fio: Everyday Avant-Garde

The name “Fio” means “thread” in Portuguese. This estate is a joint venture connecting two families: the Kettern family, who have been making wine in the Mosel for several hundred years, and the Niepoort family, led by Dirk Niepoort. The Niepoort name is famous in Portugal and now across the world for Dirk’s pioneering work

2021 Harvest Notes from France

2021 Harvest Notes from France 1

The last year or so has been a difficult one for us all. This has also been the case for our friends in France for what was an incredibly challenging growing season that is culminating with the 2021 harvest that is underway, almost a full month later than in 2020. Having just returned from a week

Harmon Skurnik Joins MJ Towler on The Black Wine Guy Experience!

Harmon Skurnik Joins MJ Fowler on The Black Wine Guy Experience!

THE BLACK WINE GUY EXPERIENCE It Takes Two to Make a Thing Go Right: Harmon Skurnik on the Importance of Tasting and Talent Season 2, Ep. 25 Harmon brings four wines to the table while he and MJ talk candidly about the past, present, and future of Skurnik, sharing stories that take us back to the beginning and