Molettieri: Maestro of Montemarano

Molettieri: Maestro of Montemarano 1

Molettieri is one of the most fascinating young producers to come out of Campania … [and] one of my favorite[s].”—Antonio Galloni It’s said that with tragedy often comes opportunity, and that was certainly the case for Salvatore Molettieri in Campania. On November 23, 1980, a tremendous earthquake rocked Southern Italy, causing devastation in Campania and … Read More

Nog, Punch & Glögg: Helpful Holiday Tipples

Nog, Punch & Glögg: Helpful Holiday Tipples 2

‘Tis the season for entertaining! Holiday parties, soirees with friends, family traditions; essentially any excuse to get together out of the cold and warm up with drinks and celebration. All these parties and events — while fun – do have their own unique stress: what should a guest bring or a host serve? At Skurnik, … Read More

Champagne’s Special Club

Champagne's Special Club

In 1971 a group of twelve growers started an organization called Club de Viticultures Champenois, to promote the concept of terroir and estate bottled, or grower Champagne in France and abroad. In 1999 the group changed their name to Club Trésors de Champagne, but the mission and philosophy has not changed. Today, the group consists … Read More

Boilermakers: Part II

Boilermakers: Part II 3

Fall is officially almost over; we’re heading into winter. Hopefully you found time to drive north and peep the foliage, but as the leaves begin to drop and cold rolls in, the chill seems to demand a stiff drink. While there are plenty of cocktails to enjoy as the weather cools, something about this time … Read More

Finca Torremilanos: A Gem Hidden In Plain Sight

Finca Torremilanos: A Gem Hidden In Plain Sight 17

So rapid has been the rise of the Ribera del Duero’s star, so commanding its market presence of late, that it’s easy to forget its short life as a government-ratified denominación dates only to 1982. It’s not, of course, that wine wasn’t being made; the usual traces of Roman occupation and medieval-monkish cultivation testify, as … Read More

The Art of Independent Bottling: Single Cask Nation

The Art of Independent Bottling: Single Cask Nation 4

As the craft cocktail renaissance marches forward, educated drinkers and bartenders continue their intrepid pursuit of new and interesting products. Categories of spirits never before taken advantage of continue to make their debuts in the United States, and here at home, small producers and distillers drive an enthusiasm for locally crafted brands. Perhaps it is … Read More

BUBBLES 2017: A Skurnik Wines Tasting

BUBBLES 2017: A Skurnik Wines Tasting

Thank you to all who joined us for an ebullient event celebrating effervescent wines. This is always our most festive tasting, and this year was no different. In addition to showing over 100 sparkling wines from around the world, we also popped every bottle of champagne! It was an embarrassment of riches. Blanc de Blancs … Read More

Cavallotto: The Legend of Bricco Boschis

Auto Draft 66

Perched atop the monopole of Bricco Boschis, you’ll find the Cavallotto family and their rolling vineyards. Now in the 4th generation of ownership, the Cavallotto estate, founded in 1928, covers 23 hectares of contiguous land in Castiglione Falletto. It’s here that Barolo’s famed calcareous marl soils dominate, all at an elevation of almost 300 meters … Read More