JAX – The Quintessential Small, Family Winery of the Napa Valley


Above: Dan Parrott, Kimberly Jackson, & Trent Jackson. Hand-harvested, family-owned, & earth-friendly Napa Valley wines. The team at JAX is innovative, agile, and perhaps best of all, is producing some of the most competitive expressions of Napa and Sonoma out there, a true snapshot into the luxury of California wines at an accessible price point. … Read More

8 Things We Drank While Working From Home This Month

8 Things We Drank While Working From Home This Month

Think of this as our monthly answer to, ’so what have you been into lately?’ — fresh updates from Portfolio Managers with unfiltered intel on why we’re drinking what we are. It’s the end of February. It’s cold. It’s COVID. We’re considering, here in New York, temperatures above 35 degrees to be somewhat tropical, a … Read More

The 2020 Austria Vintage Report

The 2020 Austria Vintage Report 9

Above: Ludwig Hiedler of Weingut Hiedler in the Kamptal. After spending the better part of January interviewing growers from all over Germany and Austria, we have a good feeling for the growing conditions of the vintage and what this points to in terms of the general character of the wines. Of course, without traveling, we have … Read More

Scheu to the World!

Scheu to the World! 10

WHAT’S SCHEUREBE, YOU ASK? Scheurebe (Sh-oy-Rey-Buh) is an oft-misunderstood and wonderful grape variety. A cross of Riesling and Bukettraube (Silvaner x Trollinger), Scheurebe is highly aromatic with bracing, Riesling-like acidity. In the right hands, it can produce wines in a full spectrum of styles, from dry to sweet, expressing soil and place clearly. It’s also … Read More

Things We’re Feeling Right Now

SKUs We're Feeling Right Now - January 2021 10

WHAT WE’RE DRINKING — SIMPLE AS THAT ‘Member when we made that promise to share more staff picks in 2021 since you loved our picks so much in 2020? (Oh you don’t? Awkward. See our ‘Top Posts of 2020’ here. It was superscript but who’s counting.) Here we are, elated to share with you beverages … Read More

Dominio de Anza: Introducing the Magnificent Bierzo of Diego Magaña!

Dominio de Anza 2

Native of Navarra and son of the pioneering Juan Magaña of the iconic Viña Magaña estate, Diego Magaña has rapidly consolidated his position since 2014 as one of northern Spain’s young stars. Though still at the reins of the family domaine, his personal projects in Bierzo and the Rioja Alavesa stand among the finest examples … Read More

Bisci of Matelica: Where Verdicchio Meets the Mountains of Le Marche

Bisci of Matelica: Where Verdicchio Meets the Mountains of Le Marche 6

It was December of 1998 when the client came knocking on Bisci’s doors. He wanted wine, naturally, but not just any. He wanted young wine, vino di annata. But at that time, Bisci didn’t release their Verdicchio until two years after the harvest. Giuseppe Bisci sent him off empty-handed, but he was perturbed. The high-elevation, … Read More

Pour Yourself a (Jancis) Glass & Enjoy Our Top Posts of 2020

Pour Yourself a (Jancis) Glass & Enjoy Our Top Posts of 2019

FIND OUR JANCIS GLASSWARE CATALOGUE HERE. WHATTA YEAR. We at Skurnik are endlessly proud of our Portfolio Management team, who, among seemingly hundreds of other responsibilities, are frequent contributors to the blog and our social media presence (shameless plug: catch us on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter, if you don’t follow already…). Whether it’s an incredibly … Read More