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Vintage Armagnac, 1983, Domaine Ravignan

Domaine Ravignan is one of the most classic and beautiful châteaus in all of Gascony! The estate is managed by Jean-Henry d’Orglandes, his charismatic son, Josselin, Josselin’s wife, Christine, and her brother, Baron Louis de Ravignan. The chai stands between the impressive château and a 16th century church. It has recently been expanded to house nearly 300 barrels. The area is cool and well-ventilated which helps promote oxidation. Barrels are racked once a year and monitored frequently, with countless decades of history caked into the chai walls. Distillation at a low degree ensures plentiful fruit, new oak gives wonderful structure, and long aging ensures a natural concentration of flavors, proving why Ravignan garners tremendous respect within the Armagnac region.

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Tasting Notes

Bottled in 2018, this Armagnac has a deep orange bowl and lip, and shows restraint on the nose before unleashing a torrent of deeply oxidative fruit and a long, strong finish. 40.5% ABV

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