Louis Roque

Until the late 19th century, the members of the Roque family passed a singular tradition of distilling from father to son. Louis Roque, the third of his generation, decided in 1905 to become independent by settling in Souillac, the site of an ancient convent. Souillac is in the heart of the Quercy, not far from the Cahors wine appellation, an area rich in gastronomic delights such as black truffles, walnuts, and plums.

Louis became the local specialist of plum brandy, distilling from plums supplied by local farmers. He rested his production in oaks cask where the spirit aged slowly under close supervision. In his multiple chais, located in different parts of town, the Roque family dedicated time to maturing and meticulous blending, while their home, right in the heart of Souillac, doubled as a shop. The company, now run by the 5th generation, continues to produce this sublime and undersung spirit category.