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Apple Brandy

Apple Brandy

Apple Brandy Neversink
  • Neversink’s flagship eau-de-vie distilled in Elmsford, New York, from 100% NY-grown apples
  • Apple varieties include Golden Russet, Golden Delicious, Ida Red, Mutsu, Gala, and Hudson Golden Gem, among others; varieties may change batch to batch
  • Apples are mashed and co-fermented together for 2 weeks
  • Twice distilled in hybrid pot and column still
  • Yellow apple on the nose along with faint apricot, a hint of pear skin, and orange blossom; the palate echoes the yellow apple note with jasmine tea and honeysuckle
  • NY Farm Distillery License eligible
  • Non-chill filtered; 40% ABV

With this unaged apple brandy, Neversink showcases the unique qualities of apples grown in New York State. Because the apples used to produce this eau-de-vie are responsibly sourced with an emphasis on quality, varieties may change from batch to batch.


United States
New York
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Aged / Other

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Full Bottle US-XNV-01-NV 12/750ml