Tokki Soju

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Tokki is the first American handcrafted traditional rice soju. The vast majority of sojus on the market have drifted away from traditional ingredients and practices. The most popular brands are often made from harsh chemicals and sweet potato starches.

Tokki’s goal is to bring high quality clean soju back to the public using only the best ingredients and no artificial flavors or chemicals. Tokki soju is made from American sticky rice, water, and a traditional yeast that we hand cultivate called nuruk (누룩).

It’s the perfect marriage between Korea and the US!

For Brandon Hill, owner and creator of Tokki Soju, the moon and tokki (the Korean word for rabbit) have a strong significance in his life. Brandon moved to Korea in 2011, the year of the rabbit, to study traditional Korean fermentation practices and distilling techniques. While immersed in Korean culture, he learned all the ways that Korean culture reveres the moon and its phases.

In Korea, they believe the moon’s craters resemble the outline of rabbit… and when you are drinking with the moon, you are never alone!