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Tokki Black (40% abv), Tokki Soju

Tokki is the first American handcrafted traditional rice soju. The vast majority of sojus on the market have drifted away from traditional ingredients and practices. The most popular brands are often made from harsh chemicals and sweet potato starches.

Tokki’s goal is to bring high quality clean soju back to the public using only the best ingredients and no artificial flavors or chemicals. Tokki soju is made from American sticky rice, water, and a hand-cultivated, traditional yeast called nuruk (누룩).

United States
New York
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Tasting Notes

Tokki Black Label, although identical in mash bill and fermentation to the White Label, is distilled on a column still to create a higher proof spirit (40% abv) that is perfect for use in a wide range of cocktail styles.

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