Siembra Spirits

Siembra Spirits

When Guadalajara-born David Suro opened his Philadelphia restaurant Tequilas in 1986, he was immediately confronted with a concerning reality: the tequilas available in the Northeast US were all bad. Determined to serve up an authentic Mexican experience to his guests, he embarked on a decades-long quest to create a delicious, traditional tequila that he could serve in good conscience.

Twenty years later, Siembra Azul was finished. Working with the Vivanco family at their distillery in Arandas, David and his “dream team” of experts had created the flavor profile that makes Siembra Azul’s small batches perennial sellouts.

As he grew into the tequila industry, David became further disturbed by the industry’s trends toward industrialization, cultural rejection, and labor exploitation. He witnessed billion-dollar conglomerates actively squeezing family producers and lobbying for legislation that would damage the tequila, agave, and people who tend them.

He fought against these trends by advocating production transparency and consumer education, and still does. It’s why our bottles have detailed batch-specific production data: the more you know, the better off we’ll all be.

The cornerstone of David Suro’s vision, Siembra Azul was created to further the goal of spreading the flavors and gospel of honest tequila. Siembra, meaning sowing (as in seeds), focuses on three pillars: Transparency, Traceability, and Terroir. Every step of production is detailed on the bottle—even the agave plantation registry numbers are listed—and no additives or commercial shortcuts are even considered. This first brand has grown and become a staple of conscientious tequila and agave lovers worldwide, allowing David to expand to further brands under the Siembra moniker.

AZUL is made in collaboration with the legendary Vivanco family at NOM 1414 in Arandas, the most prestigious production community in the Highlands of Jalisco. Single-estate agave, grown to maturity in mineral-rich, red-clay-laden soil is harvested by hand, cooked in traditional brick ovens, then broken down using hand-operated roller mills and fermented in stainless steel (while classical music plays, to inspire the yeast).  Distillation takes place in traditional copper pot stills.

VALLES presents the other distinct and traditional tequila-producing region of Jalisco, the Lowlands (or Valley, hence, Valles). Made in collaboration with the Rosales family at the iconic Destileria Cascahuín, single-estate agave is grown to maturity in volcanic soil then harvested by hand. Primarily cooked using a traditional brick oven, the line also features limited releases of tequila cooked using the historic “ancestral” method of earthen pit oven (the same as in most artesanal mezcal) which imparts a distinct smoky flavor and connects the dots clearly between modern tequila and its forebear, Vino de Mezcal de Tequila. Agave is milled using either a hand-operated roller mill, a horse-drawn, stone tahona mill, or is mashed by hand using massive wooden mallets. Fermented by ambient yeast in historic brick tanks, the tequila is finally distilled using a hybrid stainless steel & copper pot still.