In the Cellar with Thibaud Boudignon, A Living Loire Legend

In the Cellar with Thibaud Boudignon, A Living Loire Legend

On Wednesday, June 17th, Skurnik Wines will be going live on Instagram with Thibaud Boudignon to discuss his remarkable, biodynamically-farmed Chenin cuvées from Savennières and Anjou.

In advance of this exciting virtual conversation, we wanted to share some videos we’ve taken from recent, in-person visits to his cellar and vineyards, focusing on ‘La Vigne Cendrée’, ‘Clos de Frémine’, ‘Clos de la Hutte’, and his Rosé de Loire (from Anjou).

Each video below dives into the complexities of these cuvées and, perhaps most powerfully, how Thibaud is using Chenin as a medium to express each distinctive terroir that he works with (read: grey schist, rhyolite, clay, certain sites chosen by the monks…)


Savennieres 'Le Vigne Cendree', Thibaud Boudignon

This 0.5 ha plot is Thibaud’s only vineyard in the village of Savennières proper. It is perhaps his most complex terroir, as it contains a mix of clay, schist, and granite.

  • 100% Chenin Blanc
  • High density plantings
  • Grown on grey schist and rhyolite (volcanic soil), with more more clay
  • Indigenous yeast
  • No malo
  • Aged in 1-3 year old 350l and 500l barrels


Thibaud explains what makes this terroir and this wine so unique, and the most Burgundian, in his Savennières lineup:


Just across a small road from Clos de la Hutte, in the hamlet of Poissonnière, Clos Frémine is an exciting addition to Thibaud’s stunning Savennières lineup. Just like it’s famed neighbor, the vineyard sits on pure schist that is found only 20cm below the surface. There is a bit more sand at the base of this site, which provides the wine with a delicate lift and added layer of elegance.

Savennieres 'Le Clos de Fremine', Thibaud Boudignon 1

  • 100% Chenin Blanc
  • From the lieu-dit adjacent to “Clos de la Hutte” in Poissonnière
  • High density plantings
  • Grown on grey schist an rhyolite (volcanic soil)
  • Indigenous yeast
  • No malo
  • Aged in 350l and 500l barrels (10% new)

See Thibaud describe what makes this site special and how the terroir is so clearly translated into the wine:


Just across from Thibaud’s winery in Poissonnière, this true clos is the crown jewel of the domaine. Just like many of the finest vineyards in Savennières, this was an abandoned historic site that was the former home of an abbey. The monks always were able to find the best pieces of dirt for viticulture and this schist-laden terroir allows Thibaud to make an explosively mineral and textured Chenin.

Savennieres 'Clos de la Hutte', Thibaud Boudignon 4

  • 100% Chenin Blanc
  • From the lieu-dit ‘Clos de La Hutte’ in the hamlet of La Poissonnière.
  • High density plantings
  • Grown on solid schist, some spots to the surface, others 30cm sand before hitting the mother rock
  • Indigenous yeast
  • No malo
  • Aged in 50% 350l and 50% 500l barrels (15% new)

Thibaud explains why this Savennières vineyard has long been considered one of the hallowed sites in the area, making one of the finest expressions of Chenin in all of the Loire.


While Thibaud has (rightly) become a superstar for his world-class Chenin Blancs, many insiders have discovered one of his best kept-secrets: rosé. Made from a plot of Cabernet Franc and Grolleau in Anjou that he simply could not pass up the opportunity to work with, this is one of the most saline and mineral rosés we have ever come across.

Rose de Loire, Thibaud Boudignon 5

  • 80% Cabernet Franc, 20% Grolleau
  • Shallow soils of grey schist and rhyolite (volcanic soil) and clay
  • Indigenous yeast fermentation
  • No malo
  • Direct press rosé
  • Aged in stainless steel
  • A noble, supremely saline rosé. Delicate texture. Made like a white wine to preserve salinity and structure

Learn from Thibaud about his philosophy about making rosé and how he treats it exactly like his whites:

If you are interested in tasting beauty and hearing more of the poetry from Thibaud directly, please listen in as we dive deep with this thoughtful vigneron and talk about his wines, his holistic approach to farming, and much more.

In the Cellar with Thibaud Boudignon, A Living Loire Legend 5


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