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Brandy is the Bedrock: A Q&A with Charles Neal

Charles Neal Put the ‘Spirit’ in Skurnik Wines and Spirits 9

“Believe it or not, we’ve known Charles ever since he was the buyer for a small retail store in Huntington, Long Island…!! We became friends back then, so when he created a small portfolio of Armagnac producers in the late 90s, we were open to listening to what he had to say… If I’m not … Read More

Spirits of Another Kind

Spirits of Another Kind

It’s a crisp, fall afternoon. The sun is shining and the air seems full of vigor. It suddenly strikes you as the perfect day for a picnic in the park. It may not, however, have occurred to you to enjoy your lunch in the bucolic setting of your local cemetery. And yet, a century and … Read More

Booze & Bubbles: A Skurnik Wines Tasting

Thank you to all that could join our Booze & Bubbles Tasting, our fall tasting where spirits are now a headlining act! Craft Spirits has remained our largest growth category for seven years running! We’ve been adding suppliers at a furious pace (600 SKUs available now). Actually, we do our best to say “no,” but … Read More

The Pajama Spritz: An Introduction

The Pajama Spritz: An Introduction 1

What a great time in history to be able to spritz. Spritz is, indeed, a verb, and one that we’re fond of employing here at Skurnik. The action delivers all that the word implies; not only the promise of a cocktail in hand, but in the making, a setting of intention to refresh oneself with … Read More