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Alto Piemonte: A Region on the Rise

Alto Piemonte: A Region on the Rise 4

Ninety miles northeast of Alba, hidden at the base of the Italian Alps, is the little-known winegrowing area of Alto Piemonte. The region, which acquired its name more for its high altitude than for its relative location to the Langhe (the name literally translates to ‘high Piedmont’), is an Alpine paradise set amid forest-clad hills on the … Read More

Skurnik Goes to Italy 2016

Skurnik Goes to Italy 2016 17

Italy… Home to more varieties of grapes and cheeses than any other country. Italy… Whose beauty has stunned the world since the counting of time. Italy… Where wine is as much a part of life as coffee and breathing! In July, we embarked on a journey through this remarkable country.  We wound our way from the … Read More

Gini: Family & Tradition in Soave

Gini: Family & Tradition in Soave

The Gini family has roots in the Soave Classico region dating from the sixteenth century, and owns 25 hectares of vineyards situated on the very best hillside position of the appellation. Extremely low yields, low-interference viticulture, and devoted attention to the expression of the particular crus results in wines that are not only among the … Read More

Three Days in the Langhe

Three Days in the Langhe 33

The vines that ensconce the hills of Italy’s Langhe region, deep in the heart of Piedmont, produce some of the world’s most incredible and age-worthy wines. The view from one of these hills encompasses a panorama of towns topped with medieval churches and clocktowers, underscored by rows of vines stretching as far as the eye can see. Over … Read More