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Riesling 'BIO', Hermann J. Wiemer

The wine is sourced from a block of riesling (HJW-4) at the Wiemer HJW site. These are fairly young vines; planted in 2009. It began as an experiment in the Summer of 2014 to transition this block to Biodynamic farming. The winery has continued these practices, increasing flora and fauna, attracting beneficial species, usage of cover crops, specific teas and fertilizers, as well as adhering to the Biodynamic calendar. Over subsequent years they have expanded these farming practices to other blocks at the HJW Site with the hopes of the entire HJW Vineyard one day becoming Biodynamic. The winery is in the process of Demeter certification at this vineyard, but until that becomes official they are strictly forbidden from using the word “Biodynamic” on a label even if referring to biodynamic farming practices. The vinification of this wine is not different from Wiemer’s other rieslings; handpicked and hand-sorted, whole cluster pressed, indigenous yeast fermentation, though it is notable for an extremely fast, active, and healthy indigenous yeast fermentation, fermenting dry in just over a month. This is the driest style of Riesling bottled as a finished wine coming in at 3 g/L as opposed to wines like the Dry, Reserve, HJW or Magdalena which are between 7 and 9 g/L. The fermentation for those wines, though healthy are generally slower, taking between 4 and 7 months.

United States
New York
Finger Lakes
Farming Practice:
Practicing Organic