Maclean's Nose

Blended Scotch Whisky

Blended Scotch Whisky

Blended Scotch Whisky Macleans Nose
  • Blended Scotch whisky produced at Ardnamurchan Distillery in Glenbeg (Western Highlands)
  • Comprises a high component of malt whisky (70%), sourced from Ardnamurchan Distillery (peated & unpeated) as well as a non-disclosed Campbeltown distillery
  • Grain whisky distilled at a non-disclosed Lowlands distillery
  • Aged in ex-bourbon barrels and hogsheads and a high proportion of ex-sherry hogsheads; non-age statement
  • Seven-grain toast with butter greets the nose accompanied by streusel topping, chamomile, and a hint of sea air; on the palate, apple pie filling mingles with black pepper and a spike of brine with lashings of peat and orange oil continuing through the finish
  • Label is sustainably produced from crushed barley and displays a QR code leading to further information about the brand and blend
  • Awarded Best in Class, Blend Category, 2023 Whiskies of the World
  • No added coloring
  • Non-chill filtered; 46% ABV

Ardnamurchan Distillery applies the same thoughtful approach to blending used in balancing its single malts to this self-described “rugged, west coast, old-style blend,” named in honor of both the headland of the Camus nan Geall inlet located near the distillery (known locally as Maclean’s Nose), and Ardnamurchan’s own contributing mentor and head “nose”, Charles Maclean, who is widely acknowledged as one of Scotch’s top whisky authorities.

The high-malt content and marked sherry influence in this blend make it a noteworthy addition to any whisky shelf, but its approachability in both profile and price relay a refreshing lack of preciousness; simply put, this is a very tasty whisky that should be enjoyed now, and often thereafter.


United Kingdom
Spirit Type:
Scotch / UK Whisky
Spirit Sub Type:
Blended / Blended Malt

Sizes Available

Full Bottle UK-XMC-01-NV 12/700ml

Press & Reviews

"Named after both an iconic figure in Scotch whisky and a local landmark, Maclean,s Nose makes for a perfect bar cart Scotch. Its profile is welcoming and approachable, with bright citrus and wafts of honey on the nose, giving way to silky chocolate and nougat notes on the palate. All in all, this non-chill filtered malt (70 percent) and grain (30 percent) blend offers one of the best bargains in the category."
Wine Advocate
"This 70% malt content blend from Adelphi has savory barbecue smoke, red berries, dried orange slice, pepper, fleshy orange, lemon peel, and stewed fruit aromas— happily sherried without becoming a sherry beast. Warm and sweet with a heavenly velvety texture, there are flavors of orange, dried mango, damson, brown sugar, pepper, and gingerbread, then notes of dark chocolate, tobacco, and prune leading to a finish of sherry, vanilla, burnt sugar, and cocoa."