Maclean’s Nose

Maclean8217s Nose

Ardnamurchan [ARD•na•murkan] Distillery, situated on the westernmost peninsula of Scotland’s Highlands, has been lauded in single malt circles since it first opened in 2014. Now, the distillery applies the same careful crafting techniques at play in its single malt expressions to its blended marque, Maclean’s Nose.

Two kilometers from the distillery, along the coast of the peninsula, Ben Hiant and the rocky inlet of Camus nan Geall culminate in the headland that lends this whisky its name. In a delightful display of symmetry, the name also pays homage to Charles Maclean, the celebrated Scotch whisky authority who serves as stylistic mentor and “Chief Nose” to the Ardnamurchan team.

Maclean’s Nose is a malt and grain Scotch whisky expressing a high-malt percentage and a notable sherry influence. Peated and unpeated single malt from both Ardnamurchan and an undisclosed distillery are blended with Lowland grain distillate to create a “rugged, west coast, old-style” blend that plays effortlessly between the spaces of bracing seaside character and inviting confection and spice.

In keeping with Ardnamuchan’s commitments to sustainability and transparency, the Maclean’s Nose label is produced from crushed barley, a by-product of the whisky-making process, and a QR code on the side of each bottle links to further information about the blend’s makeup and the inspiration for the brand.

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