Stellum Spirits

Stellum is a brand with a straightforward aim: to create compelling and consistently available blends of bourbon and rye bottled at cask strength that focus on the quality of the distillate rather than any narrative frills. Led by founder, Joe Beatrice, the Stellum team has proven their acumen at sourcing, blending, and flavor-building through the highly sought-after, limited expressions available through Barrell Craft Spirits. Now, this same team brings us bourbon and rye—created with the same high standards—that are continuously available with a consistent flavor profile and proof. Cask-strength American whiskies of this caliber and at this price point have not been readily available in the market—until now!

Producer Summary

Led by founder, Joe Beatrice, Stellum Spirits brings a pedigree of blending and flavor-building proven in the limited and highly sought-after expressions of Barrell Craft Spirits. The same team now offers us cask-strength bourbon and rye, readily available at a consistent profile & proof.