Castle & Key Distillery

Castle amp Key Distillery

The historic Old Taylor Distillery in Frankfort, Kentucky, was established by Col. E.H Taylor in 1887. It was the first distillery of its kind, reflecting the architecture of a European Castle, and built as a destination showplace for the art of distilling. Shuttered in the 1970s during the decline of bourbon’s popularity, the distillery sat vacant for half a century and a notable piece of America’s distilling heritage was almost lost entirely to time and the elements.

In 2014, however, the mantles of distillation and hospitality were again taken up in Frankfort when Old Taylor was purchased, painstakingly restored and modernized, and renamed Castle & Key Distillery. Castle & Key aims to reimagine how Kentucky spirits are presented to the world, taking a small batch approach that prioritizes transparency and quality over quantity.

Castle & Key functions as a contract distiller (facilitating the distillation of one of our other favorite whiskey brands, Pinhook) and, after much anticipation, has launched a full range of spirits bottled under the Castle & Key name. From seasonal gins to small batch bourbon and rye whiskeys, history informs a reimagined vision of Kentucky distillation, resulting in a collection of spirits that clearly reflects Castle & Key’s voice while promising an exciting evolution in the years to come.